According to Tim Cook, This Will Be Far Bigger for Apple than the iPhone

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February 14, 2021

The Mac. The iPod. The iPhone.

Apple has made some pretty important contributions to the way we experience personal technology. In fact, I believe you might simply make a case that Apple’s greatest legacy is its merchandise. All three of these products completely defined their categories and influenced every attempt to follow in their successful paths.

For instance, there’s actually no query that the iPhone is one of the most remarkable inventions of the previous 20 years. Subsequent to the private laptop, it may be essentially the most revolutionary piece of technology–ever. It completely reworked the way in which we join and talk with the world around us in ways that had been unimaginable before it was launched on a stage by Steve Jobs in 2007.

Or maybe Apple shall be often called a champion for privacy. The company has taken a extremely public stance in opposition to most of the practices of different tech firms that observe consumer data and monetize it with focused promoting. Apple’s view, that privacy is “a fundamental human right,” has not only benefited customers but raised awareness about simply how much of our data is collected by the apps and providers we use every single day. Actually, that is a noble contribution.

Tim Cook, nevertheless, says it is not any of these issues that will define Apple’s legacy, no less than by way of what folks will assume was its best contribution. Because the CEO of the most valuable company on earth, it is intriguing to listen to what he believes Apple will be recognized for when folks look again in 20 or 50 years.

In an interview with Outside Magazine, Cook repeated what he has mentioned before about the most important contribution he thinks Apple is making:

“I really believe,” he provides, “that if you zoom out to the future and then look back and ask, ‘What has Apple’s greatest contribution been?’ it will be in the health and wellness area.”

I believe there’s definitely a case to be made that Apple has done more to raise the quantity of information that people now have about their very own wellbeing. A latest report from analyst Above Avalon means that there at the moment are 100 million Apple Watch users and that 35 percent of Americans who own an iPhone, also have an Apple Watch on their wrist.

The Apple Watch, specifically, has made it possible to trace all types of data in a approach that simply wasn’t accessible before. That does not imply that there aren’t different gadgets that may assist you to observe your health, but there aren’t any which might be as deeply built-in with the iPhone–a system utilized by greater than 1 billion folks at present.

In addition, Apple has launched Fitness+, a subscription service that makes use of your Apple Watch to monitor your exercise whilst you take part in video workouts. That may not seem like an enormous deal, however when you think about most individuals have needed to dramatically change their routine throughout stay-at-home orders and shutdowns, making this type of service so simply accessible is a particular win.

Few firms have the prevailing platform, or the dimensions, to maneuver the needle on well being and wellness in the way Apple can. The company has partnered with healthcare providers and researchers on the whole lot from cardiac research, to detecting Covid-19 as much as a week earlier.

Lastly, it might really be that the privacy commitment has as a lot to do with it as the rest. There’s one thing to be mentioned for a corporation that has constructed a fame for safeguarding user data, which is of no small significance once you’re sporting a tool that’s always producing data about what you are doing and the way your body is reacting.

Leveraging that fame, and its scale to assist folks have a better understanding of their well being, and provides them actionable data to do one thing about it, is definitely a worthwhile contribution.

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